The Importanct of Standards – UNIFORMAT II – Construction Management System

The integration of the UNIFORMAT II (see  NIST UNIFORMAT II Standard Guide nistir-6389 ) classification system into building information management systems (BIM) delivers improved communications and coordination among all constituencies, thus expediting integrated project design and delivery, and significantly increasing productivity / ROI (return on investment).  The classification for building elements and related site work is an essential tool to control construction, renovation, repair and maintenance project scope, cost, time, quality and functional aspects.

As a construction management system, UNIFORMAT II , the ASTM E1557 Standard provides a common structure for describing major building systems and enabling “apples to apples” comparisons,  linking building conceptual design, cost estimating, facilities management, and life-cycle cost engineering.  The E1557 standard grew out of the original UNIFORMAT classification developed in 1975 by the General Services Administration (GSA) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).  E1557 was published in 1993 as a classification for building elements and related sitework.  Building elements are traditionally defined as major components, common to most buildings, that perform a given function, regardless of the design specification, construction method or materials used.

Standard E1557, Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework – UNIFORMAT II, provides such a means for improved communication and control, linking the facilities program, specifications and estimates into a common data architecture framework.

The  alphanumeric designation is can be universally applied:

  • program budgets
  • technical programs
  • conceptual / preliminary project descriptions
  • performance specifications for design-build
  • design estimates
  • life-cycle costing
  • base building condition evaluation reports for facilities management ( facility condition assessments / facility condition index ( FCI) calculations )
  • long-term capital replacement planning and  budgeting
  • sustainability planning and budgeting
  • functional planning and budgeting

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