The Business of BIM

Source: BIMS – Business of BIM – Smith,Deke-2009

  • Facilities consume 41% of our energy
  • 71.8% of total U.S. elec. consumption
  • Facilities contribute 40% of the emissions
  • Facilities contribute 40% of land fills
  • 40% of global raw materials are consumed by buildings – 75% by all facilities
  • U.S. is no longer the worlds largest consumer…but we did not slow down

The Desired Outcome of  BIM

1. Collect data once and use from inception onward and allow information to flow

  • Authoritative source collects information and records metadata
  • Information assurance is in place to protect intellectual property
  • Multi faceted analysis is supported by software
  • Facility management uses information for operations and sustainment
  • All facets of the lifecycle are supported
2. Build facilities electronically and completely before we build them
physically. “Build a model then build the model”
  • Reduces risk and therefore litigation
  • Reduces RFI’s and change orders
  • Allows more activities to occur in parallel thus speeding delivery
  • Provides better estimates
  • Delivers true as-built
Although architects are using BIM information is still not flowing because we are implementing BIM using the same “traditional” business processes.
Government involvement is key ;
•GSA – Leaders in innovation in BIM
•USCG – Implemented BIM to support mission and
•USACE – $50B in projects slated for BIM – seeking open
standards BIM solution
•VA – Seeking open BIM standards for hospital design
•Smithsonian Institute – Seeking open standards solution
•Wisconsin – requiring open standards based BIM
•Texas – requiring a proprietary BIM solution
A Building Information Model (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. As such it serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle from inception onward.
– United States National BIM Standard V1, P1 Jan 2008

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