BIM and Life-Cycle Facility Management

A  life-cycle view of facilities is needed in order to meet BIM requirements from an O&M (operations and mangement) perspective.

While it’s too early to talk about “adoption” of BIM for facility management, as many parts of the puzzle have not been completed from a software technology perspective,   “customized solutions have been developed and are beginning to be deployed.
Owners are clearly driving BIM for facility management. And while, technology is not the barrier for interoperability,  some technology vendors are barriers due to their competitive business issues.
Traditional IWMS/CMMS/CAFM/CPMS software vendors are adding features to accommodate BIM for facility management,  however, the nature of some of these systems will create issues versus systems designed from scratch… especially when considering standardized taxonomies, metrics, etc.
In this regard the critical “must haves” for BIM and facility management are:
1. Standardized taxonomy: aka Uniformat II, Masterformat, COBIE, Omniclass, ….  (my apologies for the others I have left out) and associated facility management terminology..aka APPA, NASFA, IFMA, FCC (same apologies).
2. Standardized building cost engineering methodologies and cost models for new construction, repair, maintenance, renovation, and operation.
Best practices for maintaining a facility life cycle BIM model are present, and activity being improved upon (courtesy of NIBS, SMART Alliance, OSCRE, et al) who are actively driving the process.

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