Why BIM should be renamed BIMM – The Value of BIM

BIM should should have been can BIMM – Building Information Modeling and Management. The emphasis upon 3D is silly, and the focus upon 3D replacing 2D is equally misdirected.

Products like Revit and Archicad are only relatively small components of a BIM solution.  BIM is a process embedded within and support by digital technology that enables more efficient cradle-to-grave management of the built environment.

Owners, contractors, A/E’s, oversight groups, and communities will all benefit from BIM relative to the management and usage of the built environment.

As many say, the “I” in BIM is the critical aspect.  Defensible, accessible, transparent, accurate and re-usable information is the true value of BIM.

3 thoughts on “Why BIM should be renamed BIMM – The Value of BIM

    1. Al,

      Yes, 4D/time and 5D/Cost are being used, in addition to 6D/FM. That said, anything above 3D is suspect relative to “accepted” terminology. In the GSA world, just for example, 4D has a different meaning.
      Nonetheless, BIM for FIM is indeed where the true value is for improving ROI, sustainability, and overall productivity.

  1. A comment from one who is in the trenches of the construction project:

    BIM requires digital technology in order to fulfill the “Modeling” aspect of a project. Albeit a small component of the overall BIM philosophy or solution, it is nonetheless an iatrical part of a project that can cause roadblocks. Revit falls short of transferring valuable fabrication “Information” to many of the contractors providing the required models. Hence the information is not re-usable and subsequently the installing contractor incurs a higher cost to provide models without benefit. Inventor is a software product that is growing in popularity. It is largely preferred by some because it offers a highly detailed model for the BIM Coordinator, the files can be saved in a Revit format for the architect, and there is a plethora of re-usable information for the contractor who needs to fabricate.

    With models being produced from varying software products, the BIM Coordinator is challenged with the “Management” of these different file types. Our most successful endeavors have been with contractors and BIM Coordinators who use Navisworks as the software product to streamline BIM Collaboration and clash detection.

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