GHG Footprint Calculator for FEDERAL AGENCIES – Greenhouse Gas Calculator for Facilities

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GSA’s GHG Calculat0r assist  in compiling  GHG emissions inventory using a bottom-up calculation on facility level data with the capability of rolling up to annual agency aggregate level data. This allows an Owner  to create detailed baseline GHG data to enable the development of reduction targets in the future.

For federal owners and the  permission from a federal agency’s Senior Sustainability Officer (SSO), GSA will pre-populate the tool with agency-specific data available from GSA business programs. This data includes building energy usage data from GSA’s Public Building Service, fuel usage data from GSA’s Fleet Program and air business travel data for those agencies using the GSA Travel Management Information Service.

The tool provides at-a-glance visualization of key metrics using 3D charts and sliders where agencies can analyze and forecast emissions by adjusting for specific scenarios, such as video teleconferencing participation, mass transit participation, off-peak travel, telecommuting participation, energy star monitor replacement, alternate work schedule and server virtualization.

Carbon Profile Map

The map displays an agency’s locations depicting net carbon emissions across sites using a geographic information system (GIS).

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

The tool provides calculations for ROI, annual savings, carbon reduction, and years to payback for green investments.


If you are interested in registering your agency to use the GSA Carbon Footprint Tool, please send an email to with documentation of approval from your Senior Sustainability Officer (SSO). If you are a contractor supporting an agency as part of its GHG Public Protocol activities, an academic and/or state/local government representative and would like to preview the tool, please send a request to


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