Steps to High Performance Building Retrofit

Step #1: Strategic Goal Alignment
Stakeholder strategy development is the first step. 
Why will the retrofit be undertaken?
Budget for the project?
How will success be measured?
What resources will be utilized for execution?

Step #2:  Inventory Analysis, Conditions & Energy Audit
Current building portofolio and systems level inventory and associated facility condition audit including physical and energy related issues.  Associate costs to all current “deficiencies” using a standardized and localized reference cost database, as well as associated life-cycles and “percentage-used” to all major systems and equipments.
Energy audit includes historical energy usage and billings, and current usage patterns. Benchmark to the national average for similarly buildings in your region/area. 
Step #3: Develop Energy/Susutainabilty Projects and Targets
Methods to limit consumption, typically area such as space utilization rates and occupant behaviors, should come first as they typciall yield the hights ROI.   Compare various projects over a 1-3-5-10 year horizon.   Lighting, HVAC, and exterior shell are likely targets as weel as water consumption.
Step #5: Renewable Energy Consideration
While not currently an “efficient” consideration for most organizations, review what is available in your area for your particular situation.


Step #6: Ongiong  Energy Performance Tracking
Most energy/sustainability projects fail (including LEED and similar certifications/processes) not due to initial implementation, but due to the lack of ongoing monitoring and maintenance.  Tracking results vs. goals and adopting a continous improvement stragegy is critical to success.  

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