New FM Standards ( Facility Management ) – Europe – EN15221-3, -4, -5 and -6

EN15221-3, -4, -5 and -6 have been voted in. 5 (processes) and 6 (space & area measurement) with an overwhelming 100% of the votes. 3 and 4 with 90% of the votes. CEN Programme Manager Maitane Olabarria Uzquiano informed the association that publication of the four new standards is forseen for September 8, 2011. All national standardization bodies will have maximum 6 months to publish the standards at national level.

The EN15221 standards define the European facility management market. EN15221-1 defines FM itself, basic terms related and the scope of FM:

  1. Space & Infrastructure
  2. People & Organisation

The first focuses on:

  • Accomodation (client demand for space is satisfied by services such as programming, design and acquisition of space, but also the administration and management of space and its disposal)
  • Workplace (client demand for a working environment is satisfied by services related to internal and external environments, fitting out with furniture, equipments and tenants)
  • Technical infrastructure (client demand for utilities is satisfied by services resulting ina comfortable climate, lighting, etc.)
  • Cleaning (client demand for hygiene and cleanliness is satisfied by services that maintain a proper working environment and help maintain assets in good condition
  • Other space & infrastructure ( specific or individual demands)

The second focuses on:

  • Health, Safety and security (client demand for a safe environment is satisfied by services that protect from external dangers or internal risks as well as the health and well-being of the people)
  • Hospitality (client demand for hospitality is satisfied by services providing a hospitable working environment makes people feel welcome and confortable)
  • ICT (client demand for information and commuication is satisfied by services providing information and telecommunication technologies)
  • Logistics (client demand for logistics is satisfied by services cerned with the transport and storage of goods and information and improving relevant processes)
  • Other support services (client demand for other support services such as human resource management, accounting, procurement and and photograpic services is satisfied by a range of processes).

This standard also comes with the FM model. (The model shown is not a copy of the official original!)


EN15221-2 gives a standardised approach to developing an FM agreement. This could be used when tendering, contracting or outsourcing, but also for internal purpose to agree on the services to be delivered by inhouse service providers. prEN15221-3 explains how to achieve and ensure quality in FM. prEN15221-4 focuses on using a classification system. The below graphic is an example figure that shows how the classification could look like. (This is not the original figure from the official prEN15221-4 because of copyright CEN.)


The business industries and markets covered by facility management according to EN15221 are summarized under two main headings ‘Space & Infrastructure’ and ‘People & Organisation’. The business services covered are:

  • cleaning services
  • pest control
  • catering & vending services
  • furniture
  • procurement
  • office supplies
  • maintenance
  • logistics
  • event management
  • energy management
  • utilities
  • landscaping & parking
  • design and construction services
  • lease, rental & space management
  • corporate real estate services
  • workplace management
  • safety & security services
  • (internal) relocation services
  • document management
  • hospitality/reception management
  • information and communication technology
  • accounting, controlling, reporting
  • human resource management
  • fleet management
  • travel services
  • legal policies and contracts
  • health & environment
  • marketing
  • sustainability
  • building initial performance
  • property administration
  • portfolio optimisation
  • real estate services.

This clearly shows why FM can be seen as the umbrella covering a wide variety of Business Services.

The prEN15221-5 explain how to develop and use processes in facility management. The prEN115221-6 describes how to measure space and areas in buildings. The following image (not the original from the copyrighted CEN material!) gives an example of how the methodology of measurement could work.


See how Wolfgang Moderegger, convenor of the EN15221-3, explains the standard that achieves/ensures quality in facility management.

See how expert Hermen van Ree, Senior Consultant Sustainability at DHV, explains the importance of these new standards for all who use real estate in Europe.

Master student David Menkveld interviewed 43 real estate professionals from organisations such as IPD, DTZ, CBRE, ING RE, Deka, Jones Lang LaSalle, Colliers, Cushman & Wakefield, Savills, CEN, DSM, Philips, UPC, PROCOS, Altera Breevast, MeetAtelier, NPC, NEPROM, PLANON, Brink Groep, STABU and Royal Haskoning to analyse their views on the proposed European Space and Area Measurement standard EN15221-6. Here you can download the first six pages for free of his dissertation. Go to the bookshop to order his booklet. For information on the full report contact him directly.




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