IPD and JOC are core components of BIM

The Owner  our client and life-cycle facility management should be the focus of everyone’s efforts from day one.

Integrated Project Delivery  IPD, as noted in the video, is not a new process, nor is Job Order Contracting (IPD for facility renovation, repair and minor new construction). http://youtu.be/4dqW70eoQH4
 Both are very important components of a BIM strategy and to a process centric approach to construction that improves productivity and quality.

The current way of doing business within our AEC community is BROKEN.  http://youtu.be/tfb5nK97DdQ  We need better buildings, better pricing, better value!

The effort curve is important to both IPD and JOC, and improving construction productivity. http://youtu.be/9bUlBYc_Gl4
We must decide if decisions are going to be made by judges and lawyers, vs. Owners, Architects, and Contractors.

Buildings are assembled not built. This matters as PROCESSES for assembly are often “ad hoc”, and ill-defined. http://youtu.be/UnXG2q8tbyY

BIM is facility life-cycle management!  BIM, BAM, BOOM! … silly? http://youtu.be/5IgdcCemevI  Yes.   On target? You bet!   The value of BIM is the process leading to lower facility life-cycle costs and improved conditions, operations, and utilization management.

Where to start?  BIMF!

BIM Framework

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