BIM and Sustainability Require Efficient Project Delivery Methods for Success

The interest and demand for BIM (building information modeling) sustainable buildings in the United States is fueled by climate change, natural resource depletion, and associated worldwide environmental and economic issues.

In order to deploy solutions enhanced Project Delivery Methods must be employed to achieved required productivity levels and timelines.    Traditional design-bid-build and even the “newer” design-bid methods are not up to the tasks a hand.  Integrated project delivery (IPD) and job order contracting (JOC), the latter a form of IPD specifically for facility renovation, repair, and sustainability, are needs to improve team/stakeholder integration and project outcomes.  While both IPD and JOC are not “new”, having been used for decades, they require a shift in
“culture” within the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Owners (AECOO) sectors.

While technologies now exist to support these new methods (BIM, advanced cost estimating and project delivery software, and Cloud Computing), overcoming cultural issues is non-trivial.  Despite clear data that supports the ability to achieve higher productivity with enhanced owner/contractor/architect/community integration via integrated project delivery and JOC, the “status quo” driven by a culture of “change orders”, “spreadsheets”, and “short term relationships” appears a significant barrier to change.

via – Premier software for efficient project delivery – JOC, SABER, IPD, SATOC, MATOC, IDIQ, MATOC, MACC, POCA, BOA

One thought on “BIM and Sustainability Require Efficient Project Delivery Methods for Success

  1. BIM 2.0 is well underway, and BIM 3.0 thoughts are starting to gel from Blue Sky into solid proposals. The processes described in the diagram need APIs to connect the software components together for application to a specific project or types of projects. So now is the time to begin planning for the next major NIBS event in early 2014 (EcoBuild will be separate event). Sign up for a PROJECT at the bSa portal.

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