Cloud Computing and BIM – Article 2012 – TME

Cloud Computing and BIM - TME Article 2012


The increasingly competitive financial
and environmental landscape requires
public and private institutions to further
maximize facility planning and management.
Technologies such as Building Information
Modeling (BIM) and Cloud Computing
(Cloud) are disruptive technologies
converging to significantly alter traditional
construction and facility management
practices. Both technologies also embed
associated business process rules and
components that will enable enhanced
life-cycle management of the built environment,
alignment of structures with
organizational mission, and better consideration
of general community impacts.
Leading organizations already are investing
in the formalized definition and
creation of robust business process frameworks,
cultures, workflows and capabilities
to support collaboration, continuous
improvement and lean practices needed
to achieve higher productivity within the
architecture, engineering, construction,
owner and operator (AECOO) sector.
BIM and Cloud provide the digital
backbone to support the cost effective,
scalable development and deployment of
adaptive and efficient facility life-cycle
management practices.


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