COBie 2012 UK

COBie is formal schema that helps organise information about new and existing facilities. It is general enough that it can be used to document both Buildings and Infrastructure assets. It is simple enough that it can be transmitted using a spreadsheet. It is means of sharing structured information, just like CDM and BIM. You can learn more about COBie from the BIM Task Group Website

Purpose of Templates

Both the design and supply side of the AEC sector can benefit from the use of a common set of construction objects, classifications and property names. In particular, the UK Government BIM strategy includes as a key purpose for handover information the information needed to support the process of product replacement, specifically “specification and selection”. [Read More]

The Templates

The templates can be used to guide the creation of specific product data. Manufacturers and suppliers can include their detailed contact information and product information. There are currently 700 template sets available for general use. The RIBAE NBL initiative will be contributing suggested UK specific properties. [Search]

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