BIM Certification – RICS – 2013 – Real or Pure Nonesense?


The issue, of course is that there is NO “industry tested and approved level”.


RICS has announced a BIM Manager Certification.   While BIM is far from a “standard” the certification is an attempt to  define and evaluate the proficiencies of construction professionals with respect to BIM (Building Information Modelling).

A bit of the “cart before the horse” the RICS stand will attempt to assure that  professionals and firms executing construction and infrastructure projects will acquire the related information, experience and expertise in employing BIM at an industry tested and approved level.   The issue, of course is that there is NO “industry tested and approved level”.

Per a RIC representative – “This (the BIM certification) provides the sector with a trusted kitemark that will clearly demonstrate the existing experience and knowledge of construction professionals. We are also planning a Certification for Facilities Managers and Geomatics professionals. In addition, we are looking at the emerging effect of BIM on our traditional qualification routes and will use feedback from the Certification to inform this process.”  To be honest, I just do see how RICs, or any organization can claim to be able to certify the use of BIM at this stage of its development.


Your thought?



One thought on “BIM Certification – RICS – 2013 – Real or Pure Nonesense?

  1. I think it is an interesting idea and one I intend to explore. I might pursue this certification just to be one of the first to have it, but you make a good point that it may not represent a true certification of capability or standard since that standard is still a moving target.
    Still, it is good that RICS is willing to step up and attempt to nail something down as a starting baseline. There are other organizations having this same conversation. All want to be the one to establish the measuring stick. Maybe it only takes one such group creating the first one to get more movement in the industry to define that measurement.
    RICS is willing to tape a target on the hay bale and invite us to take a shot. Let’s accommodate that request. Testing the target and our weapons of choice is a part of developing a standard we can all agree on.
    Thanks for the post.

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