Efficient Construction Delivery – Life-cycle management of the build envrionment

Leveraging software to enable better decisions requires a robust, shared ontology, quantitative and qualitative metrics, sound processes/business practices, as well as transparency and collaboration.
Has anyone truly accomplished this in the AECOO community?
Certainly it has been don within certain areas such as cost estimating using common / well designed cost databases with integrated contract, project, and document management.

However across the full life-cycle of a structure?

Our industry, (AECOO – Architects, Engineers, Owners, Operators…), needs to focus upon the built environment from a life-cycle vs. first cost perspective.
This requires a fundamental change in thinking, business process and tools.

Parametrics are needed to enable what-if analysis while varying time, cost, materials, etc. For example, there is a reason, if not a mandate, for all large building portfolio owners to conduct ongoing  5-10-25-50 year planning while considering various capital reinvestment scenarios.

The convergence of processes, people, and technology is accelerating due to cloud computing (a disruptive technology). As process becoming transparent, change will become both more palatable and more frequent.

Traditional linear construction delivery methods such as design-bid-build are antiquated. “Newer” collaborative construction delivery such as IPD – integrated project delivery and JOC – job order contracting, and others will begin to mitigate waste, and improve stakeholder relationships.

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