Top 10 Checklist: RSMeans Cost Data for Government Construction

Whether your Government Owner, Contractor, or AE, using RSMeans Cost Data delivers improved productivity, communication, transparency, and collaboration.

1.  RSMeans is the virtual standard for Government Construction and is required on many/most Government Owners Contracts.

2.  Detailed line items include full descriptions, units of measure, as well as material equipment and labor costs.

3.  RSMeans provides approximately 70,000 unit cost line items, while one vendor provides well over 400,000 detailed line items by building out line item modifiers.  Line item modifiers are critical to construction estimate accuracy and comprise up to 15% to 20% of most estimates.

RSMeans Line Counts
RSMeans Line Counts
Enhanced RSMeans with Line Item Modifiers
Enhanced RSMeans with Line Item Modifiers

4. Masterformat organization of RSMeans Cost Data drives cost effective data usage, re-use, updating, and the ability to easily built custom line items built upon RSMeans standard items.

5. Cost localization and updating can be done it seconds by using RSMeans City Cost Index, CCI, information provided five time annually.  Cost can be updates using averages or  detailed  index updates for material, equipment, and labor.

6. Owners can readily create independent government estimates, IGEs, using RSMeans data.   Leveraging third party software, owners can then compare these IGEs to contractor estimates within seconds.  This ability speeds owner-contractor negotiations and mitigates errors/omissions.

7.  Change orders can be detailed and more easily quantified using RSMeans Cost Data.

8.  Contractors can verify subcontractor quote using RSMeans Cost Data.

9.  No other construction cost data is comparable in depth, breadth, or amount of industry usage.

10.  RSMeans provides cost data for new construction, renovation, repair, maintenance, and general maintenance (snow removal, lawn maintenance, etc.)

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