Predictive Maintenance – Facilities

Many facility managers have enough to worry about and can’t even consider predictive maintenance!   Let’s face it everyone is busy enough dealing with emergencies, unplanned  maintenance or a huge “To Do” list.   

The result is that up to 80% of facilities budgets are spent on unplanned items, when it would be clearly better if that money went toward true improvements.

Nonetheless it is interesting to know that  as facility managers,  you are not alone, in this regard.

A recent survey  of maintenance managers serving various plant assets such as field devices and control valves, control systems, production systems, distribution pipelines, electrical systems, fleet vehicles, and HVAC/R systems are equally unsatisfied with their preventive maintenance programs (PM).

Over 65% of respondents said that their PM programs were not effective and/or needed improvement, while only 17% rated their PM programs as effective.

Source-2016 PdM Survey



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