Germany Joins the Political BIM Bandwagon

Apparently Germany’s Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has issued a statement that the country ” fully embrace BIM, stating it must become standard for construction projects.”

BIM, as we now know it, is not the solution that will enable efficient life-cycle management of the built environment.  Rather, BIM is one tool among many.    The key to improving the dismal economic and environmental track record of the architecture, engineering, and construction sector is a focus upon education, building awareness, and the consistent implementation LEAN Collaborative Construction Delivery Methods.

Global Warming

Real property Owners have not assumed their roles as stewards of the built environment due to lack of awareness, education, and/or capability.  Multiple studies have demonstrated that Owners,  their selection of construction delivery methods, and their execution of management and control dictate the overall success of physical infrastructure renovation, repair, maintenance, sustainability, and new construction.

LEAN construction delivery methods such as Integrated Project Delivery – IPD (for major new construction projects) and Job Order Contracting – JOC (for renovation, repair, and minor new construction projects) deliver approximately 90% of project on-time, on-budget, and at higher quality levels.   When compared the current global averages of 40%-60% waste, rampant legal disputes, and 80% of projects not completed on-time, one must question the focus upon BIM, versus simply requiring Owners to do their jobs.

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