LEAN – Best Value Construction Delivery – Job Order Contacting & IPDjob order contracting

LEAN construction delivery focuses upon building processes to delivery more quality projects on-time and on-budget.

Best value drives strategy, objectives, and tactics to assure a safe and organized workplace.

The foundation of LEAN construction delivery is based upon collaborative efforts of all participants and stakeholders (real property owners, contractors, AE’s, building users, oversight groups …) to

  • Sort & Prioiritize – Focus upon what is needed
  • Simplify – Reduce complexity wherever possible
  • Organize – Assure all resources and tools are available on-demand
  • Standardize – Use common terms, definitions, and data architectures (Uniformat, Masterformat, OMNICLASS)
  • Continuous Improvement – Maintain standards through ongoing education, training,  awareness building, empowerment, commitment, discipline,and metrics (key performance indicators)


Collaboration is a contractual REQUIREMENT in addition to a work philosophy for any deployment of Job Order Contracting and IPD.  All project participants are encouraged to participate by providing feedback from initial concept and throughout implementation.

job order contracting

Continuous incremental improvement is possible by leveraging expert capabilities from multiple domains, while also the reducing of excessive management and control.  Tools, methods and concepts are used to support consistent deployment, mutual trust, shared risk/reward, and best value.Muda – Waste of non-value-adding activities

Standards methods of best accomplishing tasks, proven by observation, analysis, and experience, are shared and documented.     This practice all better allows for determining of the ideal number of projects that are within process and resource boundaries.

Job order contracting and IPD reduce time, processing, defects, waste, and overall cost.

job order contracting

5S so named for its 5 primary undertakings:
Sort: Remove all unneeded items from the workplace.
Set In Order: Make a place for everything and put everything in its’ place.
Shine: Thoroughly clean and inspect everything in the work area (preventative cleaning also applies).
Standardize: Maintain the improvements through discipline and structure.
Sustain: Continue to support 5S efforts through auditing, job descriptions that include maintenance of the system, management support and expectations, etc.

Job order contracting

Best Value Procurement



Concurrent Planning and Engineering

Continuous Improvement


Key Performance Indicators

Knowledge-based Decision-making

Life-cycle perspective versus first cost mentality


Reduction of Non-value Added Activities

Shared Risk / Reward

Standard / Common Terms, Definitions, and Data Architectures

Standardized Work Activities

Supply Chain Management

Total Productive Maintenance




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