Hyperconverged Facility Management

BIM was going to change the world and finally make life-cycle management of the built environment commonplace.

It just didn’t happen.

The cultural barriers in the AECOO sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations, Owner) proved too strong.  More specifically, the lack of education, awareness, and capability on the part all players, but especially Owners, with respect to total cost of ownership and LEAN management best-practices easily held BIM at bay.

As a result BIM remains stagnated in the U.S., the U.K., and “virtually” everywhere when is comes to the implementation of LEAN collaborative construction delivery methods.

Until the AECOO sector focuses upon life-cycle strategies, collaborative construction delivery methods, clear-common-and-concise terms, definitions, and key performance indicators… to name a few, little will change.  The AECOO sector lags virtually every other, when it comes to capability, professionalism, leverage of technology, and productivity.

Will it change in our life-time?  Hopefully.  Hyperconvergence combines the economic and environmental benefits of life-cycle costing, LEAN best-management practices, collaborative construction delivery (IPD-Integrated Project Delivery, JOC-Job Order Contracting), virtualization, and cloud computing.


job order contracting


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