Job Order Contracting Best Practices


  1. Assure JOC Program Limits are established and observed for project type and size.
  2. Assure appropriate JOC Program Capacity – the number and size of JOC projects that can be properly managed by available resources.
  3. Establish a formal Prioritization Process for JOC Projects.
  4. JOC Criteria Checklist – Assure project meet established JOC criteria.
  5. Formalize and Document all JOC  policies, procedures, or guidelines with a JOC Operations Manual associate with the Contract.
  6. Assure direct Owner involvement and direct Owner management versus the exclusive use of third party consultants whenever possible.
  7. Eliminate conflicts of interest, or any associated potential.
  8. Formalized Reporting and Audit Requirements.
  9. Maintain Full Financial Transparency
  10. Owner review of ALL Contractor estimates.
  11. Joint Owner/Contractor site visits and detailed scope of work definition
  12. Update Contract information and Terms Regularly and assure compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.
  13. Ongoing Training and Education for ALL JOC Program participants
  14. Monitor and Limit Non-prepriced  – NPP – line items (usage and value)
  15. When Non-Prepriced Line Items are used, require three independent quotes for associated items.
  16. Assure the Unit Price Book – UPB – selected has Clear and  Consistent Descriptions written in a manner that all JOC participants can easily understand.
  17. Assure any  Owner Preferred Products or Materials are contained within the Unit Price Book.
  18. Formalized Project Inspection and Project Closeout Processes and Procedures.
  19. Document and Monitor Key JOC Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  20. Assure that JOC Technology maintains a Complete Record of all Information and does NOT allow for permanent deletion of information.
  21. Full disclosure of subcontractor information.
  22. Do not allow consultants to manage themselves.  While use of consultants may be necessary, there are substantial risks associated with allowing consultants to have total control over a project with little to no Owner oversight. (Example:  A consultant acting as  JOC project manager, reporting to a consulant managing the JOC program.) Do not allow multiple consultants from one consulting firm working in different capacities on the same project.job order contracting

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