Major Risks Facing Public Real Property Owners

Major Risks Facing Public Real Property Owners

I regularly see articles about how great real property owners are, or how the facility management staff performs well, but may be misunderstood.  Unfortunately, I am reminded of the story about the emperor with no clothes.   Do real property owners and facility managers actually think they are doing a good job?

Improperly designed or managed renovation, repair, maintenance, and new construction
projects create inherent risks during the procurement and execution processes.

Ultimately the outcome is lack of stewardship on the part of public sector real property owners, and continue decay and waster associated with built structures, including facilities and infrastructure (roads, bridges, dams, airports, mass transit, utilities, etc.).

Public sector real proper owners and facility management professional are thus faced with …

  • Lack of public support and confidence, transparency, and trust.
  • Design, selection, and management processes that are inefficient and/or unfair.
  • Non-compliance with state or federal laws, policies, and procedures .
  • Lack of timely and cost effective/best value services.
  • Concerns and litigation surrounding construction and facility management practices are the norm versus the exception.


The only solution in sight is a total redo… including formal education focused upon collaborate LEAN business practices and life-cycle asset management, as well as, required annual professional training in these areas.

Collaborative construction delivery methods have proven to delivery significantly higher percentages of project on-time and on-budget, with equally higher levels of satisfaction and quality.  We just need Owners and Facility Managers capable of LEADERSHIP.

2 thoughts on “Major Risks Facing Public Real Property Owners

  1. Involvement of all stakeholders in major projects is key to successful project delivery. Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and the Facilities staff must all be involved to ensure the entire life cycle, from design to end of life, is fully realized.

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