Job Order Contract Program Execution Guide

Job Order Contract Program Execution Guide

Every “best practice” Job Order Contract requires a Job Order Contract Execution Guide and/or a Job Order Contract Operations Manual as a component of the contract.

Job order contracting provides a higher percentage of quality renovation, repair, and maintenance projects on-time and on-budget versus traditional construction delivery if the JOC Program is created and executed properly.   In order to assure consistent and efficient JOC Program execution, a detailed written document specifying roles, responsibilities, tools, workflows, etc., is a core requirement.

Below is a sample outline for a JOC Program Execution Guide and/or JOC Operations Manual.


JOC Program Execution Guide /  JOC Operations Manual.

  • Purpose and Overview of JOC Guide
  • Background on JOC
  • Benefits of JOC
  • JOC Organization, Responsibilities, and Authorities
  • Contracting/Procurement/Purchasing Authority/Officer
  • Contracting Representative
  • Contracting Considerations
  • Location of Contracting Office
  • Contract Option Years, Maximum Value, Minimum Value
  • JOC Implementation  / Execution
  • Analysis of Appropriateness
    • Type, size, location, and number of projects
    • Contract funding
    • Availability of skilled contractors
    • Internal staff management resources
    • Review of applicable laws/regulations
    • Special contract requirements
  • Acquisition Strategy
    • Pre/Post award activities
    • Best value
    • Statement of work
    • Marketing plan
    • Pre-proposal conference
    • Evaluation procedures
    • Timeline/Milestones
    • Plan
    • Single/multiple awards
    • Owner/Government furnished property/material
    • Bonding requirements
    • Unit Price Book, updates, localization factor, bare/O&P, economic update factors/freqency
    • Items not Authorized under JOC
    • Software
    • Training
    • Labor only line items
    • Selection procedures
    • Selection team
    • Negotiatons and source selection
    • Post award modifications
  • Technical/Engineering/DPW Planning
    • Statement of work
    • Unit Price Book
    • Specifications
    • Environmental issues/considerations
  • Contract Award
    • Preaward survey
  • Contract Administration
    • Contractor Mobilitzation/phase-in plan
    • JOC Task Order/Project/Work Execution
    • Training
    • Task order proposal documentation package
    • Initiating and Reviewing Job Orders
    • Job Routing
    • Assignment of a Project Manager
    • Scope of work
    • Scope validation meeting
    • Request for contractor’s proposal/estimate
    • Independent owner estimate
    • Evaluation of contractor’s proposal
    • Task order negotiations
    • Changes
    • Task order checklist
    • Denied/Shelved projects
    • Order placement
    • Notice to proceed
    • Pre-construction meeting
    • Task order close out
    • Payroll review/payments/partial payments
  • Monitorig/Reporting/Audits
  • Adding NPP items to UPB
  • JOC Limitations
  • Contractor phase-out plan


Other Considerations:

  • Understanding the Contractor’s Coefficient
  • Appointment Letter
  • Standing Operating Procedure Outline
  • Internal Control and Review Plan
  • Quality Control Plan Requirements



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