JOC – Owner Task Order CHECKLIST

JOC – Owner Task Order CHECKLIST

Clarity, consistency, and communication are fundamental aspects of LEAN best management practices and JOB ORDER CONTRACTING.

Assuring that JOC Task Orders are properly prepared to enable efficient and accurate contractor response as well as requisite owner/contractor communication and documentation is one of several key tasks that benefit from standardization.
1. Does JOC TASK ORDER file contain a properly executed  Individual Job Order
Request / Request for Proposal?
2. Are sufficient funds available and documentation contained within the file?
3. Is a site visit planned,has one been held, and is appropriate documentation/information provided?
4. If Owner Furnished Material a Furnished Equipment is provided to contractor, does the
Does the government estimate contain:
5. Does the contractor estimate have  adequate pricing data for determining the reasonableness of the contractor’s proposal?
6. Can non-prepriced items be easily identified and totaled?
7. Does the contractor’s proposal contain the scope as set forth in the RFP?  Pricing by line item in accordance with the Unit Price Book?  Non-prepriced items?  Method of construction?
8.Was the value of the NPP work determined to be fair and reasonable?
9. Were all Owner/Contractor negotiations recorded sufficient detail, including negotiated
variances in price, period of performance, quantities, etc.?
10. Does task order contain NPP items exceeding 10% of the value of the prepriced
11. Are Inspection Reports completed?
(a) Daily inspection reports
(b) Deficiencies with corrective action
(c) Final inspection
(d) Deficiencies with corrective action
(e) Acceptance
13. Receiving Report
14. Payment Voucher
15. Close OutOpenJOC Detailed Process Diagram

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