High Performance Buildings and Standards – 2011 – Design Phase Commissioning – CA Building Standards

ROI - Commissioning

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Design Phase Commissioning (Cx)

What is Design Review?

It is a key part of building commissioning protocol that:

  • Confirms design conforms to project requirements
  • Checks documents are clear and complete
  • Checks documents are free from significant error
  • Suggests best practice design enhancements 

Design Review in the Code Compliance Context

  • Confirm design conforms to codes
  • Confirm performance path energy modeling inputs are reflected in design documents
  • Confirm that CALGreenand Acceptance Testing
  • Requirements are reflected in design documents

Design Phase Commissioning (Cx)

Benefits of Design Review


Cost & Time

  • Reduce administrative time issuing RFIs and change orders
  • Reduce number of significant change orders
  • Reduce delays associated with resolving deficiencies

Save Energy 

  • Increase best practices that go beyond Title 24
  • Increase compliance with Title 24 energy requirements

Quality Building

  • Is easier to construct and maintain
  • Operates as intended

  • Has lower long term operating cost