Enterprise Energy and Carbon Accounting Software – EECA

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We now have another software acronym to learn – EECA software.  In theory it targets energy and carbon reporting and will interface with construction delivery method software (cost estimating and integrated project/program management for JOC, IPD, etc.), IWMS -integrated workplace management systems, CPMS – capital planning and managment software, CMMS – computerized maintenance management software, CAFM- computer-aided facility management software… not to mention BIM, GIS, and BAS…and, heaven help us ERP (enterprise resource planning) software.  

EECA is intend to: 1. Enhance Sustainability Strategy, 2. Provide a Platform for Continuous Improvement, 3. Enable Overall Management Effectiveness, and 4. Enhance Competitiveness, Brand Image, and Transparency.

While EECA may be usefull for a corporate dashboard, providing a view of abatement progress and tracking GHG reduction projects progress and financing, it can not be implemented with required integration of the associated facility knowledge domains listed above.

Examples of EECA include SAP Carbon Impact on Demand, C3, and Hara.



use of spreadsheets for carbon and energy management. Key



drivers for adoption are identified and discussed.