Productivity in Construction Sector at a 15 Year Low

Quality, Productivity, and Transparency within the Construction Sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations, Owner …) will not improve until there is an engaged collaborative focus by all stakeholders embodied within and supported by proven/robust business processes and enabling technology.

Ongoing, “living”, iterative processes are needed to account for the many variables typically encountered on any renovation, repair, sustainability, or new construction project.  Early and ongoing communication among all stakeholders is a requisite component, as is ongoing continuous measurement and improvement.

Antagonistic ad-hoc construction delivery methods such as design-bid-build, must give way to collaborative, well defined processes such as integrated project dellivery (IPD) and job order contracting (JOC).  Neither of these collaborative methods are “new”, having been deployed and proven for decades, however, cultural resistance and lack of education have proven barriers-to-entry for many/most.

Hopefully the focus upon life-cycle building management, supported by BIM (building information modeling) and larger market drivers such as global competition and sustainability will help to provide the necessary impetus for change.

Building Information Modeling Strategy



















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