Job Order Contracting Education, Training, & Certification

Job Order Contracting Education, Training, & Certification


As a LEAN construction delivery methods, Job Order Contracting – JOC, requires continuous education, training, and improvement.  It is important to receive this training and education from professionals with a solid background in asset life-cycle management as well as job order contracting.  This is a limited group of individuals indeed.

OpenJOC win-win

Our team and business partners provide access to this select group of talent.   So, if you have a job order contract and are looking to improve it and/or assure it’s in conformance, or would like to implement or work on a job order contract, give us a call before making any decisions with respect to training, education, or certification.

We are here to help you, and go the extra mile to assure Job Order Contracting is implemented using best management practices.  We are unbiased, objective, and can serve Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Oversight Groups.

We will be happy to tailor a series of courses that progressively cover a range of Job Order Contracting and  Lean Construction topics including:

  • Job  Order Contract Development
  • Job Unit Price Line Estimating
  • Introductory and Advanced
  • How to Develop a JOC Coefficient
  • Job Order Contract Execution / Operations Manual Development
  • Marketing a JOC Program
  • How to Create a JOC RFI/RFP
  • How to Evaluate JOC Contractors
  • Auditing a JOC Program
  • Management by Outcomes
  • Best Value Procurement
  • Owner/Contractor Negotiations
  • How to Create an Owner / Independent Government Estimate
  • Problem-solving principles and Tools
  • Introduction to LEAN Construction Delivery

Courses available on-site or on-line.

Contact – 508.435.3096



Best Value Construction

Best value construction is considered an “alternative construction delivery method”.    Just for a moment, read that sentence again, and think about it.

Whether you are an Owner, Architect, Engineer, Contractor, or Subcontractor, shouldn’t “best value construction” be the norm versus the alternative?


When alternative ‘best value’ construction methods such as job order contracting, JOC, are capable of delivery 90% +/- of project on-time and on-budget, to the satisfaction of ALL parties involve, why are they not used in the majority of cases?

It is as simple as “common sense” isn’t common?

Is it because waste, change orders, and low productivity benefit some private interests?

Is it because Owners are not being held accountable?

Is is because real property Owners are not capable?

Exclusive focus upon lowest price is clearly problematic, yet that is exactly what is mandated in certain instances.   In construction, lowest price should only be accepted in concert with a risk analysis and consideration of other aspects such as quality of work, delivery times and other performance aspects including safety, and the potential of
“hidden costs” such as change orders.

All construction project participants must be responsible for their actions and performance.

Taking of advantage of the lower price, AND the best overall value is clearly the appropriate path.

The construction delivery method is critical to obtaining positive renovation, repair, or construction outcomes.     Exclusive focus upon low-bid doesn’t help anyone.