The Scope of BIM

“The NBIMS Initiative categorizes the Building Information Model (BIM) three ways, as product, as an IT enabled, open standards based deliverable, a collaborative process, and a facility
management requirement.”

I personally view BIM as a collaborative, cradle-to-grave facility management process, deployed, scaled, supported and consistently applied by technology (products).

Whether there will be a single “product” is questionable.  3d Object-oriented tools such as Revit, Archicad, et al are not BIM.

Also the term “Model” has created a major problem, as again, many assume a Revit or Archicadm et al, “model” is BIM…

“Management”  aka Building Information Management vs. Building Information Model, is arguably the best single “edit” one could make to the above NBIMS categorization of BIM.

As an business sector, we need to “get out of the weeds”  and make some significant business process and cultural changes across all segments of Contruction, Engineering, Architecture, Operations, and Maintenance of faciliteis and infrastructure.

BIM is not stagnating due to the economy, it is stagnating due to an overall lack of understand relative to facility lifecycle management and its associated core requirements:

portfolio definition and association with an organization’s mission,

associated physical and functional conditions,


costs and cost engineering,

efficient project / contract delivery methods,

and the associated transparent collaborative processes.

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