Value and Outcome Based Construction

Best Value Construction

A shift in focus to OUTCOMES and VALUE, and away from ad-hoc and commoditized services would greatly benefit the AEC and Facility Management sectors.

Operational excellence on the part of real property owners and their supporting service providers has traditionally proven elusive.

Facility management professionals can not remain complacent and/or satisfied with current levels of performance.  Owners must demonstrate LEADERSHIP and support true strategic partnering with architects, engineers, contractors, business product manufactures, and building users.  Focus must be upon transformation to truly collaborative LEAN construction delivery methods and innovation.  Decisions must be team oriented and based upon current and actionable information.  Information standardization in terms of common terms, definitions, and robust shared data architectures must be mandated.

Owner focus upon teaming, best value procurement, outcomes,  life-cycle costing, financial transparency, and shared knowledge,  drive lower total cost of ownership,faster project delivery timelines, and higher quality.

While globalization and centralized oversight will continue across all industries, the AEC sector and facility management are lagging.  Local knowledge, capability, and consistent execution at a local level also requires rapid improvement.  Competence development at all levels internal and external to the organization is necessary to meet increasing economic and environmental imperatives.