MasterFormat / MasterFormat2004 Changes

MasterFormat® Updates:
Did you know CSI and CSC have a new annual revision cycle?
Did you know there is a new Division?
The major updates to MasterFormat2004 are:

  • A new division, Division 46 – Water and Wastewater Equipment, which significantly expands the document’s coverage of environmental engineering specifications
  • Revisions to Division 44 – Pollution and Waste Control Equipment, so that it complements the addition of the new Division 46
  • New specifications related to polished concrete (Division 03)

CSI and CSC designed the 50-division format of MasterFormat 2004 so that it can accommodate additional divisions and changes as the industry evolves. The 50-division format is now used in a majority of commercial projects in North America.
The MasterFormat revision process is conducted by the MasterFormat Maintenance Task Team (MFMTT), a committee of volunteers appointed by CSI, CSC and MasterFormat Sponsors (ARCAT, ARCOM, Building Systems Design, Inc., the Construction Sciences Research Foundation, Inc., McGraw-Hill Construction, and Reed Construction Data).

The Criticality of Construction Standards

IFC and similar data standards are extremely important.

It is because many of us are implementing advanced design, cost engineering, and construction strategies that taxonomy becomes critical for data use and reuse.

The  “proof” of the above is the adoption of Uniformat II and MasterFormat95.   While even today many don’t use these extremely useful data standards, those of us that do have a significant cost and efficiency advantage delivering solutions.

Many DOD and non-DOD government facilities steward lead the industry in adopting and rigorously implementing construction information data standards and advanced construction, operations, and maintenance procedures.