Climate Change and LEAN Construction

Global Warming

While you might think we should all be happy about the latest Paris climate deal in the works (and to be hopefully signed by 130 countries) I am less than optimistic for two reasons.

  1. Too little, too late.  While deals are signed and have been signed in the past, the negative impact upon the environment of historic and current practices continues to grow exponentially.  We simply are not accelerating efforts to mitigate climate change fast enough.  Even the latest agreement includes countries accounting for only 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Buildings and structures account for a significant percentage of energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions and little progress is being made in this key sector.  The AEC industry remain extremely wasteful versus other sectors and simply doesn’t have the education or awareness to engage in LEAN renovation, repair, maintenance, and construction methods.


The Criticality of Project Delivery to Sustainability

Change on the AEC Horizon?

 The ability to meet sustainability and carbon footprint goals in the non-residential buildings sector will require the implementation of robust business processes, the integration of core industry knowledge domains, and the deployment of supporting technologies.

Major productivity gains within the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector can be achieved by the complementary processes and technologies of 4D/5D Building Information Modeling (BIM), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and Job Order Contracting (JOC), which provide the requisite framework for building trust, collaboration, and increased productivity – from project conceptualization thru construction and subsequent operations/maintenance.

 While the success of these process and technology tools is dependent upon fundamental changes in the AEC sector, the critical  issues of global warming, diminishing natural resources, and the dynamics of an altered world economy will help to speed adoption.

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