Job Order Contracting Services Scorecard

Checklist – Selecting  Job Order Contract Services Consultant

  • Commitment – Is this the service provider’s sole business or  distracted by other products and services?
  • Implementation & Deployment Plan: Is a full Job Order Contract Implementation Manual provided, complete with Key Performance Indicators?
  • Education and Training Leadership: Are the trainers skilled with decades of proven job order contracting implementation and audit experience?
  • Visions & Values:  Does the provider demonstrate compatibility with your organization’s values and needs, especially for LEAN construction delivery and  data-driven decisio support?
  • Outcome Focus: Do the company provide insights that are focused upon improving outcomes.
  • Financial Transparency & Independence:  Are the firm’s compensation structure and interests totally impartial?  Is there any risk of conflict of interest and/or a “fox in the chicken coop”  scenario?

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4D, 5D BIM can learn a lot from JOC – Job Order Contracting

The destiny of BIM is life-cycle facility management.  When this will happen is anyone’s guess.

In the interim, BIMers and FMers can learn a lot from JOC – Job Order Contracting.  JOC is arguably the best construction project delivery method for facility renovation, repair, and sustainability.

It is efficient (projects take far less time to scope, bid, and start), performance-based (contractors that deliver quality on time and on budge are rewarded with additional work), collaborative (long term, open relationships are the norm), and transparent (reference cost databases and/or custom cost guides are used along with associated standardized templates, reporting methods, etc.)

JOC shares the benefits of IPD (integrated project delivery) however, has a proven 25 years track record of success.

In a time when the economy and global warming force a new focus upon existing buildings and efficiency…. JOC can delivery today.

For these reasons that JOC adoption is rapidly accelerating in government, institution, and private sectors. .. and why BIM can learn from JOC.

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Creating a Job Order Contract RFPJOC Trust Partnering Relationships

Thinking Outside the Box

Job Order Contracting and LEED

Creating a Job Order Contract RFP