Check Your Job Order Contracting Knowledge

Test your Job Order Contracting I.Q.

job order contracting

What is the goal of Job Order Contracting (JOC) ?

What are the primary benefits of JOC to an Owner?

What are the primary benefit of JOC to an Owner?

Where are the JOC responsibilities, deliverables, and workflows defined?

What is the role of a JOC project manager?

What is the role of a JOC program manager?

Who requests a proposal for a JOC task order?

How many years and options years are there in a typical Job Order Contract?

Should a JOC consultant be paid a fee based upon construction volume, or otherwise benefit directly from construction volume..Yes? No?

What types of projects are appropriate for JOC?

What types of projects/task orders are typically prohibited from being procured via a Job Order Contract?

Who typically issues a notice to proceed (NTP) for a JOC task order?

Are JOC contracts unlimited in dollar value?

What percentage of NPP (non-pre-priced) line items can be used on an single JOC task order?

Can specific manufacturers and/or types of products be specified in a Unit Price Book?

Should training for all JOC participants be annual?

Are JOC coefficients of less than 0.80 are common?

What problem(s) can be be associated with a low coefficient?

Is it common to have Government furnished property or equipment on a JOC?

Are there bonding requirements for a JOC?

Do all JOCs require their own construction technical specifications?

Are bare costs generally used for a JOC?

Do owners need to create a statement of work for JOC task orders?

Is it common to allow a localization factor in addition to a coefficient on a JOC?

JOC selection best practices call for awards to be made to the lowest bidder…True/False?

JOC Owners don’t need to be concerned about capacity as Contractor and/or Consultants do all the work… True/False?

Drawings are rarely provided for JOC task orders… True/False?

A pre-construction meeting is important for approved JOC task orders… True/False?