Proactive Facility Maintenance and Budgeting – RSMeans Facilities Maintenance and Repair

The FMR  (RSMeans Facilities, Maintenance, and Repair Cost Book) is primarily for owners and facility managers who must be proactive in planning their budgets for building maintenance.  More than 1,600 maintenance and repair assemblies covering many facility components, along with costs for general maintenance such as lawn mowing, shrub and tree care, general cleaning, and window washing.  Over 500 preventive maintenance assemblies, listing tasks and frequencies and the number of labor hours to perform each item. Costs are broken down, making it easy to compare using in-house staff to hiring an outside company to perform the tasks.

Three distinct sections of information are included:

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • General Maintenance

The RSMeans Facilities Maintenance and Repair Cost Data is now available electronically within e4Clicks Project Estimator.   Create, estimate, procure, and implement maintenance and repair project within a collaborative environment.  Our goal is to provide you with enough information to plan your maintenance work and budget for the life of the building.


Efficient, Accurate RSMeans Line Item Construction Cost Estimating

With a new year, comes a new round of 4Clicks training courses, and I have some new options this year.  I want to share a quick overview of our upcoming classes.  Our goal is to give you the tools and training necessary to navigate and make full use of e4Clicks.  I hope you will enjoy the tweaks our team has made to better serve you.  Keep an eye on our website for additional new classes as they become available.

 NEW THIS YEAR: ESTIMATING CLASSES!  4Clicks is developing and offering multiple line item cost estimating classes.  You know how to use e4Clicks.  Now master the art of estimating.  These classes will challenge the young intern or even the seasoned estimator and will include areas such as:

  • Architectural
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Mechanical

If you’ve enjoyed our other courses, you will benefit greatly from these estimating trainings in a traditional classroom environment designed to provide you with hands-on, real-life exercises.  The first of these courses is Introduction to Architectural Estimating and will take place in February.   Sign up today at

I am excited to offer a virtual e4Clicks Getting Started training course.  This is a 6 (six) hour online training course perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to make it to one of our 2-Day Introductory regional training classes but could use some help getting started.  Designed to get you up and going with e4Clicks Project Estimator or RSMeans JOCWorks, this course will give you the confidence to start knocking out some estimates.

See below for our February trainings.  Visit our website for a complete list of training offerings at   We offer the perfect mix of virtual, regional, and onsite locations for our classes.  Join us for one of our upcoming trainings;  look forward to seeing you!

19 February:  4Clicks Introduction to RSMeans Estimating – Online Course

20 February:  e4Clicks Getting Started – Online Course

24 – 25 February:  e4Clicks Introductory – San Antonio, TX

26 – 27 February:  4Clicks Introduction to Architectural Estimating – San Antonio, TX

ABOUT 4CLICKS:  We are the premier provider of cost estimating and efficient project delivery management software and services.  Our tools are By Estimators for Estimators.  We help Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and AE’s increase productivity through the use of collaborative, transparent, accurate, and proven processes as well as robust cost information.