Why is the Construction Industry so UnProductive?

I recently received a marketing email from a “nationally recognized” AEC software vendor that said that their product “works with any construction-estimating solution in the market” because it used MS SQL.

They went on to say that “We can compare project estimates from ….any other estimating package…”

Well, there it is… I leave it to you.

From my perspective, lack of proper education, awareness, and blatantly inaccurate marketing are just a few of several reasons why our industry is so unproductive.

The use of SQL, even with “attribute filters” does NOT mean anyone can compare estimates from any program. In fact, many/most experienced software engineers and/or cost estimators might just view this as a singularly silly thing to say.  Isn’t it the detailed data format that would enable of disable this ability…not to mention an associated robust cost data architecture and associated ontology?

Sure one attempt to parse information from different cost estimating programs and data sets, but truly compare estimates side by side, much less automatically… other than simple viewing and going thru each line item for material, equipment, labor and productivity factors manually… nope, nada, not going to happen.

Your thoughts?