GSA Facility Portfolio Managment 2012

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” … the agency will likely merge portions of its two main divisions — the Public Buildings Service, which manages federal buildings and building leases, and the Federal Acquisition Service, which oversees many federal contracting programs. ”

“Merging portions of GSA’s buildings division and contracts division — such as the information technology, finance and contracting operations — also will bring efficiencies and cut costs…”

“budget cuts will push GSA out of the business of managing new building construction projects, at least temporarily. Instead, the agency will focus more on making existing federal buildings more efficient…”

“New construction funding for GSA dropped from $894 million in 2010 to $82 million in 2011, and to $50 million in 2012. The president’s 2013 budget request asks for $56 million for new construction.  The renovation budget dropped from $414 million in 2010 to $280 million in 2011, and $280 million in 2012. GSA is seeking $494 million for 2013.”

“the agency will work instead on retrofitting older buildings to make them more energy efficient and to save agencies money on utility bills.”

Additional changes:

“• Consolidating oversight of conferences into a new Office of Administrative Services, which is responsible for contracting, approving and reviewing spending for conferences.

• Requiring all regional office chief financial officers to report directly to headquarters instead of to regional administrators.”


Excerpts from, via – Premier Software for Cost Estimating and Efficient Construction Project Delivery – JOC  Job Order Contracting,  SABER, IPD, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, POCA, BOA