Why DBB – Design Bid Build is Dead – Or Should Be!

Facilities ” Sustainability ”  must be viewed from two perspectives simultaneously – environmental and economic.
In higher education, just as an example, colleges and universities need to change there ” facilities business model” just to survive.   Colleges and universities must  reduce their carbon footprint to deal with global climate change, however, they also need to address total cost of ownership to survive financially.
Second to personnel/labor costs, facilities represent the second largest operating expenditure for this sector… and many, if not most, others.

To deal with facility renovation, repair, and sustainability an alternative to design-bid-build (DBB)  is required.

DBB is inefficient,  too costly and too slow and is not performance-based, nor does it encourage collaboration or quality.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the building, not just construction costs including renovation, repair costs,  and associated modifications have to be factored over the next 10-20 years at a minimum, as well as life-time operations costs.

While IPD and BIM offer the promise of collaboration among owners, constractors and AE’s to a plan construct, or modify a building that meets long-term needs; otherwise not possible with design-bid-build; JOC / Job Order Contracting is a proven method deployable today for facility repair, renovation, and sustainability construction project that meets all criteria for collaborative, quality, time shortening, an a performance-based approach.

With a supporting software technology, the JOC process can be consistently deployed and critical domain information relative to project costing and management retained for future use.

Furthermore, from a “green” sustainability perspective, there isn’t a single larger (multi-building) portfolio owner that can meet future energy reduction requirement via new “LEED” or similar building alone.

Existing building retrofit will be the key, and JOC is well suited to the task of associated shell, HVAC, lighting, and other energy related projects.

BIM will certainly play a role, especially as 4D, 5D BIM becomes are reality.  That said, however, an efficient CONSTRUCTION DELIVERY METHOD MUST be integrated with any BIM strategy.  Again… JOC meets the performance requirements.

With 66% of facility owners primarly using  DBB / use design-bid-build yet only 23% believing it offers the best value, the accelerating adoption of JOC isn’t surprising.

It’s time for ALL facility owners to be rid of the status quo…. and bury DBB.
By Estimators For Estimators