Improve your Job Order Contracting Program – JOC, SABER, IDIQ …

We can significantly reduce the time it takes you to complete RSMeans line item estimates, improve accuracy, and provide you with a single program allowing your entire team to collaboratively manage multiple contracts.

We can help your team estimate not only faster, but more accurately.

  • Create Estimates in Minutes vs. Hours and Hours vs. Days:  Easily reuse and Share Estimates with our Estimate Clipboard (copy, paste, and update estimates and line items within a collaborative platform).
  • Exclusive 400,000+ RSMeans Line Item Database: Full Descriptions, Modifiers, References, and Images
  • Manage Multiple Contracts and Projects in One Application: JOC, SABER, IDIQ, MATOC, Etc.
  • Export to DOD Forms:  AF66, AF3000, AF3052, AF3064-3065, Army 4025, DOD Form 1354, FORSCOM Form 59-R, and more
  • Support for Multiple Price Guides: Integrate Any Pricing Book/Database (GSA, IDIQ’s, VA), Even Custom Data
  • Project Specifications: Automatically Link Estimates to Specifications
  • Document Management:  Stop Reinventing the Wheel with Every Estimate.  Store all of your Active and Inactive Estimates within a Single Program.  Use your Previous Estimate as a Template for your Next.
  • Approved for Government Network Installation:  Army and Air Force
  • Visual Cost Estimating:  Electronic Quantity Takeoff (QTO), Trace and Measure Digital Drawings
  • Truly Extraordinary Training Classes: Led by Former DOD Estimators and Project Managers with Decades of Experience Estimating with RSMeans.
  • Reuse an Old Estimate: Copy and Paste Old Estimates to a Project, Update the Estimate to the Newest RSMeans Data, and Remove Quantities, Notes and Calculations, All in Seconds

4Clicks Solutions, LLC is a certified veteran-owned small business that develops and markets the leading DOD construction cost estimating and project management software product.  e4Clicks Project Estimator is used by over 85% of United States Air Force Bases, a rapidly growing number of Army, USACE Districts, and other Facility Owners.  We also support thousands of Contractors, Subcontractors, AEs, and Consultants.

We have great packages starting at $895.00 for e4Clicks Basic Project Estimator with the RSMeans Building Construction Cost Database, while many of our clients upgrade to e4Clicks Professional Project Estimator, eTakeoff Professional, and the 2014 RSMeans Facilities for $2,430.00.

Job Order Contracting Process Diagram
Job Order Contracting Process Diagram

Job Order Contracting Certification Course

ACE Job Order Contracting (JOC) Certificate Program
Mondays, 4:30 – 8:00 p.m.
October 29th – March 4th (15 weeks)
Four Monday classes will not be held due to the holidays
Location: To be Confirmed
The ACE Job Order Contracting (JOC) Certificate Program is an
in-person, 56 hour program that will result in attendees
receiving their JOC Professional Certification upon completion
of the program and the passing of the Certification exam.
Sessions will cover:
  • Different Project Delivery Methods and their applications
  • Basic elements of JOC
  • Requirements of a Successful JOC Program
  • JOC Operations including how to set up a JOC Program
  • Roles and Responsibilities of those involved
  • Individual Job Order to include Preconstruction Services,

Scope of Work,
Price schedule and change orders

  • How to manage a JOC Program to include training, reporting,

communication tools, relationship building techniques and audits

  • Job Order Pricing
  • JOC Selection Process
  • Legal considerations and contracts which are key

to a successful JOC Program

  • JOC Operations Manual
  • Collaborative Thinking to ensure a win-win
  • Case Studies weaved throughout the 15 weeks
Instructors to Include:
Gary Aller, Director, Alliance for Construction Excellence
Charlie Bowers, LEED AP, Centennial Contractors Enterprises
Hank Traeger, Retired, Alliance for Construction Excellence
Mark Powell, LEED AP, Kosten Technik International
ACE JOCCP is perfect course for:
Developers, Owners, Construction Managers, Project Managers,
Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Residential,
Civil, & Commercial Construction Professionals
There are no prerequisites to enroll in this program, but basic
knowledge about the construction process will be assumed.
A certificate of completion will be awarded for successful completion
of the course and 5.6 noncredit CEU’s will be awarded for those who
attend and successfully complete the 56 hours of instruction (3
absences are allowed to receive full CEU’s).

Registration Fee
ACE Members — $3295 l Non-Members — $3635
Register Online:
If you have not registered for meetings online,
please click LOGIN button for information on
creating your ACE website account.
If you have any questions, contact the
ACE office at 480-965-4246.
via – Premier software for efficient project delivery –
Job Order Contracting, JOC, SABER, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, MACC,
BOA, BOA, including visual estimating / QTO, exclusively enhanced
400,000 line item RS Means electronic cost database, contract management,
project management, and document management.

JOC Cost Estimating Class – Job Order Contracting

JOC Cost Estimating Workshop – JOB ORDER CONTRACTING

Job Order Contracting (JOC) Estimating Workshop August 22 & 23, 2012

8:00a.m – 4:30 p.m – Check in at 7:30 a.m
Location- To be Confirmed
Phoenix, AZ

Program Description

Owners have a fiduciary duty to assure that there is a value for every dollar spent on Job Order Contracting (JOC).   The Job Order Contractor has no other way to receive payment for work other than the accurate & complete estimate.  In order to be successful estimating an accurate, complete and fair job order, it is essential that the Job Order Contractor and Owner work in a collaborative estimating process.

Combining classroom instruction with practical workshops, this two-day program will drill down into Job Order pricing, including the role of the Job Order document, the Owner’s fiduciary duty to obtain a fair and reasonable price, the scope of work, the price estimate, and cost data. It will also explore the criteria for usable and valid cost data bases. It will explore the components of Job Order pricing, including coefficients, contractor overhead and fee, and price escalation and de-escalation. You will learn when and how to use the various pricing methods and review typical alternatives for setting the Job Order price. Bring your laptop for use during the Hands-on practice sessions

This course offers a wealth of practical knowledge, hands-on exercises that build and hone your estimating skills, and provides practice sessions in solving real-life estimating problems.

Mark Powell, LEED AP, Kosten Technik International
Michael Brown, 4Clicks Solutions LLC
ACE JOC is perfect course for:

Owners, Facility Managers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Estimators, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, JOC Contractors, Superintendents, Planners

Registration Fee
ACE Members — $650    l     Non-Members  — $715

Register at:

For more information on group discounts, please contact Jacki Houchens at 480-965-9359
If you have any questions, contact the ACE office at 480-965-4246.