Robust Construction Cost Estimating with Best Representation of RSMeans Cost Data – Contractors, Owners, AEs, JOC, IPD, SABER, IDIQ …

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  – Albert Einstein

Despite Einstein’s quote, most Owners, Contractors, and AEs are burdened by aging and outdated tools that now create more problems than they solve.   Spreadsheets are a primary example.  Sure, they are an important tool.  But remember, they were designed some thirty years ago to deal with the mundane tasks of pen an paper accounting and forecasting.   Today’s world of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner, and Operations, ( AECCO ) demands the collaboration of dispersed disciplines and teams,  accelerated deadlines, and “doing more with less”.   Creating and sharing spreadsheets can’t keep pace with the speed of business, and the documented (see references below) spreadsheet issues of formula and data input errors are far too costly.

Powerful cost estimating software, integrated with visual estimating, contract management, project management, and document management is the new standard.   Owners, Contractors, and AEs can be significantly more productive and collaborative, working literally at any time, from any place.

Furthermore with an integration of an exclusively enhanced 400,000+ line item RSMeans database (or an IDIQ, or custom database), transparency and consistency are virtually assured.

Make the move to newer, more productive cost estimating and project management systems.

Note: Christofferson, Jay. “Estimating with Microsoft Excel”, Brigham Young University.Nickols, Robert Duane. “Construction Estimating Using Excel” Lexington Technical Institute, University of Kentucky.

Comparison of Cost Estimating Tools

JOC White Paper

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