Pros & Cons – Learn About Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting is a collaborative LEAN construction delivery method that can enable Owners to execute a higher percentage of quality facility renovation repair and renovation projects on-time and on-budget, IF implemented and management properly.

This video is important for anyone with a current Job Order Contract, or planning to participant in a JOC as an Owner, Contractor, Subcontractor, or Consultant.


One thought on “Pros & Cons – Learn About Job Order Contracting

  1. What role did the Gordian Group play in the Cities handling of the JOC program? I heard the term “consultants”. Who was the consultant and what were the terms of their compensation? Was it a percentage of all JOC’s or a set fee? Am I to understand the ” Catalog” you referred to was a Gordian product? Sounds like the City needs an independent JOC expert to oversee the program. Especially if the “Consultants” are getting a percentage of all JOC projects. Because, if it is the case, that the consultant is getting a percentage, then would it not behoove them to allow over runs and purchasing outside the “Catalog”?

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