AIA Version of IPD anti-architect?

I recently read the following Linked-in comment:


“ The problem with the AIA approach to IPD is it is inherently anti-architect. It explicitly reduces the traditional influence of architects at early stages of a project when the design is being developed. It reduces the influence of the main driver of design excellence, the architect.” 


While the AIA implementation of Integrated Project Delivery may or may not be flawed, the concept of involving Owners, Architects, and Contractors as early in the design/construction project as possible is certainly not “anti-architect”.  

Collaboration/information-sharing early in the design cycle among all relevant stakeholders is one of the most cost-effective/productive practices that any Owner can adopt.   


Job Order Contracting – JOC, and SABER are proven implementations of IPD for renovation, repair, sustainability, and minor new construction projects.   For over twenty years, JOC and SABER have enabled successful and collaborative relationships, allowing more construction projects to be completed on-time and on-budget vs. the traditional design-bid-build method.


via – Premier cost estimating and efficient project delivery software for JOC – Job Order Contracting, SABER, SATOC, IDIQ,MATOC, MACC, POCA, BOA.  Incorporates visual estimating, exclusively enhanced 400,000 line item RSMeans cost database, project management, contract management,. and document management.

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