Job Order Contract

JOC is a proven, collaborative construction delivery method provides major advantages to Facilities Managers, Real Property Owners, AEs, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Facility Users. Leading Federal/County/State and Federal Government, Education, Transportation, Utilities, and Healthcare institutions leverage Job Order Contracting (JOC)  to complete over 90%  of their numerous renovation, repair, sustainability and minor new construction projects on-time and on-budget….and to the satisfaction of all participants!

Contractors develop mutually beneficial long term Owner relationships  and more predictable revenue streams.

4BT-CE Cloud Estimating Software and the 4BT JOC Unit Price Book integrate Job Order Contracting best management practices with technology to allow for faster JOC Program development, implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement.

Job Order Contracting for Owners – allows Owners to create more thorough project scopes, completer more accurate and transparent detailed line item cost estimates and bids, compare and select contractors that can work collaboratively to provide on-demand services, and monitor and reward performance.  Job Order Contracting also encourages the use of local small and minority owned businesses. \

JOC for Contractors and AEs – Job Order Contracting helps Contractors and A/E’s to better understand and build to Owner requirements.  Job Order Contracting provides a platform to develop longer term, collaborative relationships.

4BT delivers unit price book cost data, software, services, and training to support success among Owners, Contractors, Subs, and AEs.

Our team has supported hundreds of  Owners and thousands of contractors in their use of Job Order Contracting.

While a higher level of competency,  experience, and commitment are required to implement successful Job Order Contracts, benefits outweigh any resource needs.   In fact, traditional methods of construction delivery and construction services procurement can not come close to providing the positive outcomes attainable from Job Order Contracting .

4BT is a veteran-owned small business with senior professionals having decades of experience supporting, managing, and providing services for Job Order Contracting. We believe that education, training, and support are critical to the success of any Job Order Contract, and our team thrives in these areas.

We have been involved in hundreds of Job Order Contracts performing  billions of dollars of renovation, repair, and minor new construction works.

Improve efficiency and obtain high quality outcomes through the use of independent, objective, and powerful tools and services.


Job Order Contracting Products and Services


Regional, on-site, and virtual hands-on training and certification for all job order contract participants.   Introductory and advanced classes are structured for all skill levels, as well as refresher courses. Training content is tailored to the participants.
Sample Topics Training Courses:
• Introduction to Job Order Contracting / LEAN Construction Delivery
– Management by Outcomes
– Key Characteristics
– Requirements
• Introduction to Line Item Estimating
• Introduction to Cost Estimating
• ESS Getting Started
• ESS Advanced
• Job Order Contract Execution / Operations Manual Development
• Marketing a JOC Program
– Internal
– External (Contractors)
• Individual Job Order Request / Request for Proposal Process
• Auditing a JOC Program
• How to Create a JOC RFI/RFP
• How to Evaluate JOC Contractors
• How to Create an Owner / Independent Government Estimate
• Job Order Contracting Best Management Practices
– Responsibilities
– Workflow
– Documentation
– Approval Process
– Audits
– Key Performance Indicators
– Small Business / MBE
• How to Create a JOC Estimate – Into & Advanced
– Appropriate level of detail
– Price versus non-prepriced items
– Hand-on Exercises
– Site visit planning
– Content/Documentation Packages
• Owner/contractor communications/documentation
– Inspection reporting
– Deficiencies/corrective actions
– Signoff
– Payment
– Owner/Contractor Negotiations
– Problem-solving principles and Tools

JOC Unit Price Book Cost Data

  • Unit Price Books (UPB) – Locally research construction tasks complete with labor, material, and equipment details, based upon Davis-Bacon wage rates. Custom line items are also available.  All data is provided using common standard term with minimal use of abbreviations.  All cost data is organized by CSI Masterformat.
  • Specifications – Industry standard commercial construction specifications can be provided as needed and are organized by CSI Masterformat. Custom specification development services are available.

Technical support for software and unit pricing is provided via telephone and email.  4BT team member have had experience with hundreds of JOC Programs, thousands of JOC Contractors, as well as Cooperatives providing JOC services (i.e. Allied States, TCPN) in terms of assisting in developing JOC programs, developing unit prices books, providing JOC project/task order line item cost estimates, providing general and detailed estimate reviews, creating and deploying client server and web-based software.

Job Order Contracting is a collaborative LEAN construction delivery method. As such it integrates core characteristics outlined as follows, as well as specified workflows, processes, data architectures, deliverables, and outcomes.

Best value development and deployment of Job Order Contracting requires multi-discipline / multi-trade knowledge, LEAN construction processes, common terms-definitions-data architectures,  leadership and program/project management, and supporting/enabling technology.

Key characteristics of Job Order Contracting and LEAN Construction Delivery include:

• Collaboration
• Mutual Respect & Trust
• Financial Transparency
• Owner Leadership without excessive management & control
• Shared Risk/Reward
• Best Value Procurement
• Common Standard Terms, Definitions, & Data Architectures (UNIFORMAT, MASTERFORMAT, OMNICLASS)
• Continuous Education, Training, & Improvement
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) / Audits job
• Written Execution / Operations Manuals (Roles, Responsibilities, Deliverables, Workflows / Standardized Work Processes, Reporting Requirements…)

Additional Job Order Contracting Services

  • JOC Estimating Services
  • Independent Government Estimating (IGE) Services
  • 3rd Party Independent Estimating Auditing Services (formal line item estimate audit, reviews for budget reviews, change order estimate auditing, quantity takeoff, technical evaluations and estimate comparison along with our comments, conclusions and recommendations)
  • Budget Collaboration Reviews
  • Program Management



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