Why BIM has a LONG way to go.

BIM is the life-cycle management of the built environment supported by digital technology.  BIM is not exclusively design, nor does it require 3D modeling.  BIM does require information modeling.

A recent BIM adoption survey in Canada highlights some of the major educational and cultural issues yet to be overcome.

The BIM uptake in Canada survey results were published by the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC), which is home to buildingSMART Canada. The aim of the survey was to collect data on the use of BIM in the Canadian construction sector, identify bottlenecks in the adoption process and flag any issues arising.
The survey findings were released in early 2012:

1. Around 70% of the organizations using BIM had realized benefits in the form of better end-products, enhanced productivity, competitive advantage and improved documentation. – GOOD

2. Some 80% believed that model ownership should be vested primarily with the architect. – NOT GOOD.  BIM required collaboration of all parties and ownership of the model should always reside with the OWNER.  Granted for various projects, temporary ownership from a management perspective can be allocated to any appropriate authority.

3. More than 50% said that sharing BIM models might cause legal issues. – NOT GOOD.  An appropriate collaborative construction delivery model …aka IPD or JOC should address any potential issues.

4. The survey showed that BIM implementation is a slow process, with many users still seeing BIM predominantly as a 3D modelling system. – VERY BAD Our industry should be well beyond this in 2011 or 2012.  Are people not keeping up with business and technology trends?

5. The survey suggested that one way to speed up adoption would be to make BIM a
mandatory requirement for public projects.  – GOOD  However, only if the definition of BIM is clear and detailed.

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