Job Order Contracting – Integrated Project Delivery for Renovation, Repair, Sustainability, and Minor New Construction

Job Order Contracting is a high performance delivery method that delivers superior quality, schedule, and cost results over other traditional design-bid-build.

Quality is a combination of conformance to specifications combined with a relatively few number of related change orders, reworks, and service calls.
In addition there is the quality of the Owner/Contractor/AE/Building User relationship(s), inclusive of mutual respect and trust.

JOC enables optimization of quality across all areas.  It does so by offering  a proven process that pushes information sharing towards the front of the line in both focus and time.   JOC is one of the few construction delivery methods to  require joint “pre-construction”services by the Contractor and Owners.  Contractors provide upfront project support spans constructability review and value engineering as part of the proposal process.

The above are just some of the reasons that JOC projects endure a change order rate  of less than 1%.  Furthermore, this stat is for renovation/repair  work in existing  buildings.   What is your change order rate for similar projects….  10%? More?

Trust is critical to any successful business relationship, however, is lacking in many/most traditional construction projects.  JOC alters the paradigm.

As an Owner, ask yourself –

Did we have fewer changes than we would have experienced under other methods?

Did we have little or no non-conformances or rework?
Did we have low punchlist items and were they cleared promptly?
Did the contractor deliver other services which were essential in helping us get a good project?
Do I trust my contractors?

Additionally, Usually JOC yields lower Procurement and Design Costs and shorter timelines.
Source:  Above was adapted from the CJE Fall 2012 Newsletter

Via – Premier cost estimating and efficient project delivery software for JOC – Job Order Contracting, SABER, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, POCA, MACC, BOA, and more!  Featuring exclusively enhanced 400,000 RSMeans line item cost database.

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