BIM – Getting it Right

A BIM is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. As such it serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its lifecycle from inception onward.” – buildingSMARTalliance – NBIMS – NIBS

Early definitions which assert that BIM is simply a 3D model of a facility are far from the truth and do not adequately communicate the potential of digital, object-based, interoperable building information modeling processes and tools and modern communications methods.- buildingSMARTalliance – NBIMS – NIBS

If implemented, nearly every piece of information that an owner needs about a facility throughout its life can be made available electronically. – buildingSMARTalliance – NBIMS – NIBS

1.Coordinate and plan with all parties before you start – Efficient, collaborative project delivery methods ( IPD, JOC) are critical to success.
2.Ensure all parties have life cycle view – involve them early and often – Owners, AEs, Contractors, Facility Management, Users, Community, Stakeholders/Oversight Groups
3.Build the model then build to the model
4.Detailed data can be summarized (The reverse is not possible)
5.Enter data one time then improve and refine over life
6.Build data sustainability into business process – keep data alive.  Ongoing process – Continuous improvement!
7.Use information assurance and metadata to build trust – know data sources and users
8.Contract for data – good contracts make good projects
9.Ensure data is externally accessible yet protected
10.Use international standards and cloud storage to ensure long term accessibility

via – premier cost estimating and efficient project delivery software for JOC, SABER, IPD, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, POCA, BOA


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