BIM Implementation – The Business Value of BIM in North America Multi-Year Trend Analysis and User Ratings (2007–2012)

The Emperor is still Naked!

At the end of the day, “The Emperor with no clothes” best describes the this BIM “SmartMarketReport”.   Having run surveys for over 30 years, the first thing you learn is that you must ask the right questions.   This report is evidence of what can happen if you don’t.

“McGraw-Hill Construction predicted that BIM would reach a tipping point in North America in 2008, even though industry-wide adoption at the time was only 28%. Now, in 2012, 71% of architects, engineers, contractors and owners report they have become engaged with BIM on their projects, a 75% growth surge over five years.”

If you believe that 71% of AECOs are engaged with BIM on their projects, I have some swampland for sale.    First and foremost, what is BIM?  BIM is the life-cycle management of the built environment support by digital technology.  What percentage of the market is doing that?  Less than 5%.  And more likely less than 1%.

It may be just me, but I am tired of the “hype” and nonsense associated with BIM, especially the emphasis upon 3D visualization.   Life-cycle management of the built environment requires collaboration, common lexicon/terms/information/cost data, efficient project delivery methods and so much more than pretty pictures.  Cloud Computing, combined with true BIM, or as some call Big BIM, and other market drivers will eventually cause a cultural and business shift in our sector.   Until it occurs, how many of you wish to continue to walk around naked?

If you are interested in how true BIM, Cloud Computing and efficient project delivery:  IFMA WorldWorkplace2012 Presentation.