BIM – Attempting to Run before you can Walk? – BIM EU-wide Procurement Initiative

Public sector projects would best be served in the short term by adopting collaborative construction delivery methods.   Integrated Project Delivery – IPD for major new construction and Job Order Contracting – JOC for renovation, repair, sustainability and minor new construction are just two of several proven processes.  

A focus upon these and principles associated with the life-cycle management of the built environment would be of far more value than 3d modeling.    Adjusting priorities would provide more significant value such as: 1. getting stakeholders/participants to learn to work collaboratively (a requirement for BIM), and 2. more efficient procurement and management of the existing numerous renovation, repair, sustainability, and minor new construction projects required to meet sustainability and economic imperatives.

More education and resources should be expended upon life-cycle management of the build environment vs. 3D modeling.  The latter, while important, is the least significant aspect of BIM.

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BIM Technology and Process Road Map
BIM Technology and Process Road Map





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