Who is the recognized “expert” for BIM? For example, if you want to learn about LEED you go to the USGBC. If you want to learn more about BIM where should you go?

The  question, ” Who is the recognized “experts” in BIM? If you want to learn about LEED you go to the USGBC. If you want to learn more about BIM where should you go? ”  was recently posted on Linked-In.

While there is no single point source, my best answer, is NIBS/bSa – buildingSMARTalliance.   NIBS/bSa has taken a clear lead in compiling information relative to life-cycle building management…. aka big BIM.

Since life-cycle building management requires several domains of expertise, other organizations/initiatives are also important.  For example,   APPA, NASFA, FFC, and IFMA for facility management aspects,  the real “heart” of BIM.  IFMA is partnering with NIBS to get a “big BIM” effort going.  H APPA, NASFA, and FFC are the places to go relative to “big BIM”  core informational components, strategic business processes, cutting-edge initiatives, etc., while IFMA tends to take a more “broad brush” approach to things.

Cloud technology and efficient cost estimating and project delivery methods (IPD, JOC) are also critical to BIM.  Here take a look at innovative smaller companies including ONUMA and yours truly, 4Clicks, for renovation, repair, sustainability… aka FM.

GIS, BAS are also important components.

Also look at COBIE, OMNICLASS, IFC, and IFD/Data dictionary….   all also important relative to “big BIM”.

” … BIM to me is 10% Technology and 90% Sociology. BIM Technology is the tools that make the BIM Business Practices work, regardless of what portion of the industry you represent. However, if you do not have the right culture / people adopting and implementing BIM, throughout the building lifecyle, the value of BIM will not fully be realized. ” – bSa member

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