Line Item Cost Estimating with RSMeans for Job Order Contracting and Supporting 4Clicks Software

Plan, Contract, and or Bid JOC Projects Efficiently

best joc software
Owners –

– Develop objective, transparent, cost-effective and successful JOC Programs

– Manage your own destiny

– Better communicate with and better support your selected Contractors

– Adopt the industry standard – 80%+ of all JOCs are based upon RSMeans Cost Data (typically the RSMeans Facilities Cost Book)

– Develop long-term relationships with Contractors

– Easily provide detailed oversight for all projects and funds

– Use defensible, objective, cost data

– Easy compare your estimates with Contractor estimates using automation – comment at a line item level!

– Take advantage of visual estimating / automated QTO and advanced Pattern Search

– Manage multiple Contracts, Projects, Estimates, Co-efficients, UPBs, CCIs and more!


– Bid with confidence and win more JOCs – Put your best foot forward!

– Manage multiple JOCs, co-efficient, subs, UPBs, CCIs, and more.

– Better support Owner needs

– Engage in longer terms relationships with Owners

– See the best representation of RSMeans Cost Data available – 400,000+ line items with individual line items for modifiers and full descriptions in plain English

– A true cost estimating and project management software application designed and supported ” by Estimators for Estimators”… not simply an electronic representation of RSMeans hardcopy books!

– Contract,Project, Estimate, and Document Management all within a collaborative software program…not a “single user only” technology.

– RSMeans City Cost Indexes / Location Factors for over 930 U.S. and Canadian locations.

– Copy, paste, and share estimates

– Update costs from year to year in seconds

All this, plus the best JOC Training and Support Available Anywhere – Virtual, On-site, Regional

” As I told one of the other participants, my knowledge has at least doubled after sitting through today’s class. I learned an immense amount of helpful tips and tricks to make me that much more efficient at costing out projects. I also learned quite a bit of peripheral knowledge, such as all the helpful references, rules of thumb, and shortcuts. Who knew there was a table for lbs. of sheet metal, SF of insulation, # of diffusers and return registers, per ton of cooling on packaged a/c units? I didn’t before today. That sure makes figuring out how many lbs. of sheet metal a breeze! Knowing that such references are built into the software, and knowing where/how to find them, is beyond helpful.” – USAF CE/CES

– 4Clicks Introduction to RSMeans Estimating

– Electrical Estimating

– Architectural / Finishes Estimating

– Mechanical Estimating

– Introductory

– Advanced

We also support DOD  training (i.e. INCOM, Air Force, …) with materials and instructors.

Learn why the following leverage Clicks Solutions to improve productivity and transparency, or quite simply, to get more construction project completed on-time and on-budget: 85%+ of United States Air Force Bases, USACE Districts, Army Installations, as well as DOE, FAA, Forest Service, GSA, NASA, NIST, NPS, VA, and their Contractors to implement JOC, SABER, IDIQ, MATOC, MACC, BOS, etc.

best JOC software

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